Digital Marketing : Pros and Cons

Digital Marketing- A very common and most searched term on internet now a day. Everyone wants to know about it or we can say that another one of new fancy slogans.

So here question arise, what is Digital Marketing?

Before proceeding to Digital Marketing let’s first understand, what is marketing?

Marketing is a process of promoting and selling of products and services by different possible means. Suppose I am owner of a firm where beauty soap is manufactured then my prime goal is to sell more and more products to maximize the profits and for that I need different marketing strategy and method to promote my product and create awareness among customers. So the different method which I adopt to promote this either by advertising, branding, sample distribution etc is known as marketing.

Marketing is everywhere and in every act. Let’s take one more example, a little girl, who want a chocolate or any toy from her dad then she sell herself to her dad to get that things. So marketing is everywhere and in every act.

Now come to our main question, what is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is simply a method of branding, promoting, selling of products or services or finding potential customers by means of medium which involves electronic device.

 Now question arise that, is advertising on television and radio is also a digital marketing?

Then answer is simply yes. They are also comes under Digital marketing, But it comes under Traditional Digital Marketing. In modern context Digital marketing generally means internet marketing or the marketing done through websites and mobiles by means of internet. It is because in modern time people get more obsessed with internet, for any little query they totally depended on internet which create a huge opportunity for internet advertising.

So in short and conclusion we can say that Digital marketing is any marketing act of branding, promoting and selling of products and services through internet medium by different strategy such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click etc.

Digital marketing is completely different from traditional marketing. As the main aims of any marketing is to communicate the value of product, brand and service to the valued or potential customer or buyers. As we know that the main concern of any business firm is to decide, by what means to promote product or service so that in less expenditure more revenue is generated.

Digital marketing is a way of marketing any product or service or brand by means of digital channel that is through social media, websites, e-mail ads, banner ads etc. here digital channel simply means internet marketing.

There is a great difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing such as,

  • Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.
  • Digital marketing has very high exposure compare to traditional marketing.
  • Digital marketing has wide coverage than traditional marketing.
  • Digital marketing has high responsive rate than traditional marketing.
  • It is easy to analyses the result of digital marketing by different available means.

So we can say that digital marketing generally means internet marketing where as traditional marketing is non internet marketing.

Let talk about pro and cons of digital marketing in detail one by one.


  1. Cheaper in Cost- The main advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that it is cheaper in cost. Around 60 to 75 % less than that of traditional marketing which, make it best for promotion.
  2. Huge Customer reachability- No doubt number of internet user is increasing day by day and due to availability of mobile devices and cheaper internet plan it is advancing massively so the reach of digital marketing to customer is much greater than traditional marketing.
  3. Huge area coverage- at a single time and in less initial amount digital marketing is done to a maximum possible location without much difficulty. As there is no limitation of geographical target in digital marketing and at a same price add can be targeted to multiple location at same time.
  4. Fast in nature- Digital marketing is a very fast method or approach for marketing and branding, without any much effort one can serve their advertising or promotional activity to large number of audience. We can say that at an instant ads are made and promote in digital marketing.
  5. Creates brand awareness- for branding of any products and services digital marketing is must as in low cost and in less time you can promote our brand among maximum audience. And also it has great impact on human behavior.
  6. Online monitoring- in digital marketing the facility of online monitoring of ads are present. One can monitor their ads in detail by many available tools among them google analytics and google search console is prime and famous tool by google itself.


  1. Consume lots of time- in digital marketing lots of time is consume in promotional activity as one has to give their many hour of time, approaching different method and strategy to promote their product and services according to a social media survey a digital marketer has to spend around 6 to 7 hour per day in promotional activity and in advance case it is up to 11 to 12 hour also.
  2. Approaches and method are easy to copy- in digital marketing the approaches and method can be easily copied as in this case advertiser always analyses the competitor ads and may copy their method and approach to rank better than them.
  3. Sometime create negative reaction- digital marketing sometime create negative reaction as in such case of online branding it is not possible that everyone always likes your brand, sometime people dislike also and give need comment or feedback which really harm the branding of product or services.

Although it has many pro and cons but then also digital marketing is consider as fast and quick marketing method which has tendency to approach maximum number of potential customers. So no doubt digital marketing is best and essential in present scenario for promotion and advertising.

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