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Technical SEO Checklist 2019: For New Websites

Technical SEO is the advance form of SEO which help you in achieving rank faster and help you to drive huge organic traffic on your websites. If your website is completely new, than it will surely, help you. You can take help from professional SEO Company in SEO auditing or you can do it by yourself also. In technical analysis an audit report is prepared of whole website to evaluate it on all aspects that affects its visibility to search engine. Technical SEO concerned with internal part of your website. In this technical SEO all parameters are analyse which are consider by Google for ranking. It is very important to identify where your website is lagging and then fix it accordingly.

Set up essential tools and plugins

There are various essential tools and plugins available absolutely free and it will help you out much in improving ranking and organic traffic. The only you need to optimize those tools and plugins with your website and then experience the magic.

a) Google Search Console – Google Search Console is free SEO tool by Google which is very easy to access and implement to get better result. The main work of this tool is to give you overall website performance report, or we can say that it will tell you about your website health and conditions.  It will give you report of those keyword which brings out maximum traffic to you, you can also submit sitemap for proper indexing of website and can fix the different website errors. All important messages from Google team delivers here only. The one most important feature which personally like is manual caching features where you submit your website link manually to get instant caching.

Google search console

b) Google Analytics – Google Analytics is powerful free SEO tool helps you in monitoring your website visitors and audiences. It is must have tool for every website as it will give you complete detail about your audience source, their behaviour, their action everything. It will give you detail information about different sources of traffic, with most traffic generating page report. You can easily monitor your website with this tool and even track your conversion rate with your goal reports.

google analytics

c) Yoast SEO – Yoast SEO is very popular wordpress plugin, if you are using wordpress cms then you must have yoast SEO pluging as it will make your life easier with its great features. You can easily implement robots.txt and sitemaps like stuff from here. Also you can manage website’s title and Meta’s tags with its help.

yoast SEO

d) Google my Business – Google my Business is also one of very powerful Free SEO tool use to include website on Google Map search result. It is very important for those businesses which are operating locally and their most of customers are local based. To increase your website visibility on Google map search you should optimize your website on Google my Business.

Google my business

Find best keyword

Finding best keyword and keyword research is important and foundation of SEO, keywords are not only, find the search terms but to find those term which customers searched for. Doing it right way is very important as after keyword research only you will optimized your web content and further work on link building strategy. There is various method of keyword research and also various free tools are available. Here I will show you the easy and best method for keyword research.

Manual Method – Simply you can use Google search bar to find long tail keyword. Just open Google and type any keyword related to your business and without pressing wait for Google suggested keyword appear below on dropdown box. Here the suggested keyword is very accurate as Google show you those keywords which are highly searchable by user. You can also get good keyword suggestion through LSI list. It is available when you search any keyword on Google and Google will suggest different keyword related to your search keyword just below the page. These are best way to find keyword manually with the help of Google.

Google Suggestion
LSI Keywords

Through Tools – There are various free tools available for keyword research, Google Keyword planner is one among them and it is totally free and very easy to use. Here you will get very accurate data of keyword volume, completions, etc. It is very easy to use just login to Google Ads account and in tool section explore keyword planner. Just put keyword related to your business with preferred location and you will get complete list of keywords related to your with search volume and competitions and monthly search data report.

google keyword planner

You can do keyword research through other method also such as through free online communities sites such as Reddit, Quora, Uber suggest etc. Also with various paid tools such as Ahref and Semrush, etc.

Content Optimization

As we already know that content is a king in SEO. The better content is the better ranking and traffic. Try to write engaging content and optimized it with all SEO parameters. As we know user only remain at your website when they find relevant information on it otherwise they bounce back to search page which will be very harmful for your website ranking and visibility.

Checkout various factor for good content optimization:

a) Create content after analysing of best available content in market and then try even better than that.

b) Try to include your keyword in content atleast one time at the starting of 150 words.

c) Cover in depth information of topic in your content to provide detail information.

d) Try to break down your content into small part which makes it more users friendly.

e) Try to focus on content format as it has good role in optimization

f) Use Schema Markup as it make search engine to understand your content better. g) Use images, graphics, charts, infographics and other media file to make it more engaging and attractive.

Link Building

For the success of any SEO campaign link building is must. As it is most trustworthy indicator of website authority. Google also mark it important for ranking purpose and it is in their top 3 ranking factor, it is not easy to make quality backlink but for ranking in Google it is must. There are various method of link building but most important method is through content marketing. You can make quality backlink through guest posting but there is also certain condition. Try to post blog on those guest blog website which is related to your niche not to other or general niche guest blog sites.

Various parameters consider before link building are:

a) Try to focus on getting quality backlink

b) Don’t focus on quantity rather on quality

c) Try to get dofollow backlink

d) Try to make backlink on those website which are niche oriented and related to yours

e) Try to find out your competitor backlink and then make backlink on those domains. There are various tools available to find out competitors backlink.


Make your website more accessible to user by optimizing its loading speed and make interface more user friendly. As user stick with that website or content which is easy to accessible and make them feel comfortable while using.

Various parameters of Accessibility are:

a) Good Loading speed both on mobile as well as on desktop.

b) Mobile Friendly as majority of user prefer mobile device

c) Optimizes and informative content for more engagement

Find and Fix SEO problems

Finding and fixing SEO problems are must to achieve good ranks. As there are various parameter and algorithms which Google consider ranking top and without fulfilling it one can’t rank and in severe case even get penalized.

List of various parameters are below to find and fix it:

a) Include keyword in URL

b) Always use short URLs

c) Insert your Keyword in Title

d) Proper optimization of Title and Meta’s tags  

f) Use keyword in your content

g) Use keyword in H1, H2 tags

h) Optimize image with proper alt tag

i) Use LSI Keyword in your content

j) Use Internal and External links in your content to make it more trustworthy.

k) Fix crawl error if found

l) Fix broken links if foundm) Always secure your website with SSL


The above are the checklist which will greatly help you in achieving rank and good organic traffic on your website. For any queries and question regarding above information feel free to contact or leave comment.

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