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The Concept of Internet Marketing and User Activities

Internet marketing is a form of campaign that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. Examples of Digital Marketing comprise contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, Rich Media Ads, Social network promotion, online classified promotion, promotion networks and e-mail marketing, including e-mail spam. Online video directories for brands are a good example of shared promotion. These directories complement television promotion and allow the viewer to view the commercials of a number of brands. If the publicist has selected for a response feature, the viewer may then choose to visit the brand’s website, or relate with the advertiser through other touch points such as emails, chat or phone. Response to brand communication is instant, and conversion to business is very high. This is because in difference to conventional forms of interrupt promotion, the viewer has actually chosen to see the commercial. Users can gather information about products and services, connect with other users and firms for related products and services, and sometimes complete transactions. As the Internet session is a self-selected environment of the user, the promotion message will be more effective. Internet promotion is also capable of providing a realistic environment to the user through virtual reality interfaces thus allowing the user to experience some of the features of products before making the purchase judgement. User can provide feedback content about the product, to the firm and to other users. A positive response becomes a good campaign for the marketer. A marketer can even exploit a negative feedback by solving the user’s problem and showing the assurance of the organisation to satisfying user needs. User can also add “collective content” to the medium through conversation forums like the virtual communities.

The Concept of User Activities

The term “user activities” refers to actions and decisions that factor into a buyer’s purchase. Researchers, businesses and marketers study user activities to understand what influences a user’s shopping preferences and selection of products and services. Multiple factors affect user activities, among them economic status, beliefs and values, culture, personality, age and education. Findings on user activities are used to develop methods and products that will increase company performance and sales. Users are becoming more powerful, more informed and classier, and research into modern user activities is increasingly important for businesses according. Promotion to attract users, providing better environment, product, services and policies are important in improving today’s user experience to support businesses in retaining users. This study seeks to define and explain the usefulness of internet promotion in stimulating user response. The majority of internet users are youth especially universities students, who regularly use the social network sites through their mobile phones, either searching for information or chatting with friends online. Many students from the University Nairobi have embraced the evolution in technology, and adopted latest variety of android products, tablets, I pads, and the popular models of Samsung galaxy for easy access of the internet. The growth has been powered by the implementation of the ICT policy by the government and the introduction of the fiber optic network offering fast internet connections. This study used a sample of these university students from the main campus to define and explain the relationship between internet advertising and user activities. The students come from a diverse background and were ideal in studying various features related to user activities. Students are enrolled in different study programs through full-time and module, with some operating from outside the institution while others have residence within the university leading to variability in exposure to advertising.

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